In a transformative shift in business education, many top-tier institutions have reimagined their MBA admissions process, making it more accessible by eliminating the GMAT and GRE testing requirements. This change not only caters to the evolving needs of prospective students but also reflects a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. Fortune has taken on the task of ranking the best online MBA programs in the USA without GMAT requirements.

Let’s explore the top institutions leading this academic revolution.

best online mba programs in usa without gmat

  1. UNC Kenan-Flagler’s #1-Ranked Online MBA: STEM-designated Excellence
    • Program Overview: UNC Kenan-Flagler offers a top-ranked online MBA program that is STEM-designated, providing a unique blend of business acumen and technological expertise. The program, ranging from 18 to 36 months, ensures flexibility without compromising academic rigor.
    • Admissions: The program is an excellent choice for experienced professionals with a strong undergraduate performance, and GMAT waivers are available.
    • Career Benefits: Graduates enjoy lifelong career benefits, becoming part of a global community of over 42,000 alumni. The AACSB-accredited online MBA emphasizes real-world applications and Tar Heel ROI.
  2. The Online MBA From Syracuse University: The Orange Business Advantage
    • Program Highlights: Syracuse University’s AACSB-accredited Martin J. Whitman School of Management offers an online MBA that skips the GMAT. The program features a rigorous curriculum with six career-focused specializations.
    • Post-Graduation Success: Upon graduation, 59% of alumni report receiving a raise or promotion, showcasing the program’s impact on career progression.
  3. University of Florida (Hough): Optional Standardized Testing for Flexibility
    • Admissions Approach: Hough’s online MBA program offers flexibility with an optional standardized test score requirement for applicants. The program covers concentrations in finance, human capital, marketing, strategy, supply chain, real estate, and business analytics.
    • Application Details: The acceptance rate stands at 46%, and two letters of recommendation are required. The program’s one-year retention rate in 2022 was an impressive 92%.
  4. University of Southern California (Marshall): Versatile Options for Applicants
    • Admissions Considerations: USC Marshall’s online MBA program provides applicants with choices, accepting GRE, GMAT, or an EA score. International students must submit TOEFL scores. The program encompasses a diverse range of concentrations and boasts a 98.6% one-year retention rate.
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders): Building Excellence Without Standardized Tests
    • Admissions Criteria: RIT Saunders adopts a no-standardized-test policy for acceptance into its online MBA program. The program’s acceptance rate was 37%, and it offers concentrations in various business domains.
    • Retention and Success: With a 100% one-year retention rate in 2022, Saunders provides a supportive environment for its enrolled students.


The landscape of online MBA programs in the USA is evolving, with top institutions removing traditional barriers to entry. The decision to eliminate GMAT requirements not only simplifies the admissions process but also signals a commitment to evaluating candidates based on a holistic view of their capabilities. As the business education sector continues to adapt, these programs offer a glimpse into the future—a future where accessibility and quality education go hand in hand. Students aspiring to earn an MBA now have the opportunity to choose programs that align with their goals without the GMAT hurdle, opening doors to diverse talents and perspectives in the business world. #best online mba programs in usa without gmat #USA #best online mba programs in usa without GRE

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